Five items that make packing preschool lunches easier

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Solo has finished two school years of preschool in which we have packed lunches, and even before that, we packed lunch for him at his daycare from the time he started eating solid food. While some of the items we use vary based on his age, here are five items that have made packing his preschool lunches easier.

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  1. A lunch container, obviously. I really love this Bentgo one, so much so that I just got another for Walter as he will start preschool in the fall. It doesn’t leak, is easy to wipe down each day, and I throw it in the dishwasher at the end of the week.
  2. Extra trays and lids for the Bentgo lunch box. This way you can do some meal prep and store pre-made lunches in the fridge. Just pop off the lid and snap it into the case, and you’re ready to go for the day. The extra trays are nice even if you don’t do any prep so you can have a dirty tray in the dishwasher. I often use them to pack on the go dinners for the kids as well.
  3. A water bottle. You can find kids sized ones, but honestly, I’ve been happier with the adult size ones, such as this one. I recommend the straw/spout type to make it easy for kids and minimize spills and loose parts to lose.
  4. These lunch boxes are the perfect size for the Bentgo containers and make it easy to slip in a thin ice pack if needed.
  5. And for babies, I’ve used the smaller sized Wean Green glass containers. Again, leak proof and easy to clean are key.

I’d love to recommend a reusable pouch for babies, but honestly, all the ones I’ve tried aren’t easy to clean unless you can rinse them right after using them, which isn’t the case if you send them in to daycare/preschool.

What items do you love for packing lunches for your kiddo?

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